traditional thai massages

Explore the secrets of real thai massages out of hands of thai professional. You will not consider to stop.

Traditionl Thai Body Massage

Traditional Thai massage uses a passive stretching and a gentle pressure along the body´s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscles and tension of joints.

Thai Herbal Treatment

This treatment is one of the elements of Traditional Thai Medicine, which uses herbal ball as an external application.

Thai Oil Massage

This soft to medium pressure massage combines the healing properties of essentials oils to help lift your spirits, soothe your mind and relax your body.

Coconut Retreat

The coconut retreat has been developed by local thai wisdom 400 years ago.

Foot Massage

Those who have soaring and heavy feet after busy day will appreciate the feet massage.

Head, Back, Shoulder Massage

This pressure massage is focused on the stressed muscles in particular areas of the back, shoulders, neck and head.

Massage for mothers

A massage similar to the one with herbal ball is mainly focused on the most problematic parts of the body.


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